How to choose html templates?

     It is very important to choose suitable html templates for website to make it better visible to the user end.

html code

        For website development it is very basic to learn about html (Hyper Text Markup Language), It is very fun and excitement to learn about html. I have browsed lot of websites from that I came to know that is, If a website page is static means mostly that are designed and coded by html.

Here I came up with some free html templates information, these templates are allow us to modify and edit according to our requirements.

First thing in choosing the html template is finding the user end that is the webpage should dynamiiic or static from the user end. If it is dynamic means according to me i go with php language.

If it is static then go with html and second thing is to find the category, that is the website designed for what purpose? for an example blog, business, product sale, advertisement, tutorial site, like that, After finding the category then browse across the internet to understand how others in the same category shows themselves in the website.

Third thing choose html templates with supporting of plugins, image light box and css java script, then add and test required features with that template scripts. Here i have listed some free html templates and sites.

                     -> Iron rush – suitable for tutorial blog

                     -> Slide wall – suitable for blog

                     -> theme#4 – from

                     -> Offices    – from

                     -> AppBay – from

                     -> Bootstrap shop – from

Websites for free html templates

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