how to remote desktop using ammyy admin?

Ammyy admin software is free remote desktop sharing and remote desktop controller. If you wish to remote control others desktop this ammyy admin software helps a lot. To control remote desktop your computer and other remote computer that is which you want to control should have internet facility and installed ammyy admin software.

You can just get this software by googling as ammyy admin

ammyy admin google


ammyy admin download

The latest available Version3.5 exe , you can get without any cost this is only for home purpose use and not for commercial. Use any browser except chrome because it shows this message i don’t know why it is coming!

ammyy admin download error

Just install ammyy admin, now  you can see this window.

ammyy admin application

Here you id and your ip will be shown, put client id/ip that is you wish to remote control, and choose connection speed & connect that’s all now you can see and control your remote desktop.


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